About Fricon

Mercofricon S/A, which holds the brand Fricon, is a company that operates in the food and beverage refrigeration industry. Fricon products range from horizontal, inclined and vertical freezers, to showcases for the most diverse segments in refrigeration.

Fricon is present in more than 50 countries in 5 continents. The trust shown by large companies such as Coca-Cola, Cervejaria Schincariol, Pepsi-Cola, Unilever, Nestle and Haagen Daz, among others, evidences Fricon´s quality.


– Moral commitment to developing and improving the living conditions of our internal and external collaborators;
– Absolute Integrity;
– Ethics;
– Social responsibilities;
– Respect for the environment;
– Honesty in assumed obligations;


Become the greatest innovator in food refrigeration and preservation technologies.


Efficient, economic and durable refrigeration solutions.


As the pioneer in technological innovation in food preservation, continuously seeking collaborators´, clients´ and shareholders´ satisfaction. Always respecting the environment.


Fricon, an organization dedicated to the production of equipment for refrigeration and preservation of food and beverages, is committed to

– meeting the specifications of our clients, seeking their satisfaction;
– continuously improving our organization´s qualifications; the efficiency and effectiveness of our production processes; and the quality of our products.


Fricon group is the product of a solid corporate culture, which is open to the world and always available to dialogue.

Through proper planning of our investments, we have bet in a strategy based on manufacturing flexibility which has allowed us to meet our clients´ project needs quickly and effectively.

This has been our way to assert our ability to offer a rapid response to our clients´ needs, turning problems into opportunities and anticipating the best on the market in terms of cold solutions, putting the Fricon Group in top positions in our industry internationally.

After all, “growth is the product of the future we were able to predict.”

Artur Azevedo